Deerskin Mfg, Inc.


Deerskin is a family name of Native American Origin. Deerskin Manufacturing was originally Deerskin Kennels owned and operated by the Deskins family. Rufus Deskins ran the Deerskin Kennels for many years. The kennels were located across the street from Deerskin Mfg's current location. Over time the kennels location was turned into Out West Camp Grounds, owned and operated by the Deskins family. Over the years a gas station was added and then a restaraunt in front of the Out West Camp Grounds. Today the gas station stands but is closed. The restaurant has been leased out to other entrepreneurs. Out West Campgrounds was eventually sold. 

In addition to the Out West Camp Grounds and Gas Station Deerskin Manufacturing was opened cross the highway. Originally Deerskin Manufacturing was owned and operated by the Deskins brothers, Kenny and Andy Deskins. Currently Deerskin Manufacturing is a Family Business ran by Kenny Deskins Family. They have since added Deerskin Dog Trailers, Deerskin Animal Control, and Deerskin Out Doors to their line up of business and products.

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